One of many extra persistent debates amongst automobile fanatics surrounds the origins of the game sedan. As automobile fanatics, all of us love sport sedans as a result of they provide the identical practicality and usefulness as a daily sedan however are literally pleasing to drive in the identical method a sports activities automobile is. So you should use it on a regular basis but additionally have enjoyable it it, having your cake and consuming it, too. So, naturally, the inventor of such a automobile can be revered, proper? Effectively, it’s really a bit tough, as there’s a debate as to who really invented it. The 2 manufacturers always argued about are BMW and Alfa Romeo.

On this new video from the Carmudgeon Present, we take heed to journalist Jason Cammisa and Derek Tam-Scott talk about the origins of the game sedan and who invented it.

Whereas a number of BMW fanatics wish to give credit score to their favourite Bavarian model, the true inventor of the game sedan is probably going Alfa Romeo. Whereas BMW introduced the concept to America, with the unique 2002, after which perfected it with the E21 three Collection, it’s Alfa that probably invented it with the unique Giulietta again within the ’50s.

There’s Jaguar, who introduced the Mark 2 Sedan to market within the very late ’50s and early ’60s, which was really one of many first automobiles to have four-wheel disc brakes and was genuinely implausible to drive. The Mark 2 was additionally utilized in motorsport, and nonetheless is, so it has simply as a lot racing pedigree as some other sport sedan of the period.

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So whereas BMW did form of outline the segments of sport sedans that we have now as we speak, with the three Collection and 5 Collection, it wasn’t the inventor of the game sedan. That credit score in all probability goes to Alfa Romeo with Jaguar being an honorable point out. BMW was actually influential however not the unique.



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